1. I can see the menu but I do not see any lesson plans or content.

You need to download each grade before you can use it.  
Check you have downloaded the grade you need.

Click on the three dots in the top right hand corner of your screen.
Click on a grade to download content for that grade.


2. My content downloads to 50% and then stops.

Exit and re-open the app. Your content will download to 100%.
You may need to click the download icon a second time to re-start the download.


3. I have downloaded the content to 100% and the navigation doesn’t work. 

Exit and re-open the app. 


4. I want to change the language.

The content default language is English. 
Click on the word English to bring up the other language options and choose your language.


5. I have downloaded content, but it is still not there for some lessons in the grade

Learner version

The learner version gives access to the learner content only, not the lesson plans. So for some lessons in the grade, there will be no content. In lessons where there is learner content, you will see the icon appear.

Teacher version 

Some lessons do not have learner content attached. These lessons are lesson plan only lessons.
You will only see a lesson plan icon.

If a lesson has a lesson plan and learner content you will see two icons. 


How can I check if there should be learner content attached to a lesson? 

You can check if there should be learner content with a lesson by opening the lesson plan. 

If there is a reference to learner content in the resources list, there should be learner content attached. If the content is missing in this instance, you should contact us to report the issue.


6. The topics within a subject/topic/sub-topic do not all appear in the list.

The topics are there, but we need to unhide them. You can scroll down a drop-down list.

HOW TO: Move your arrow to the right of the white box where the subjects/topics/sub-topics are listed. A grey scroll bar will appear, allowing you to scroll down the subject/topic/sub-topic list.


7. I click on the subject selection on the left hand side of the screen and nothing happens.

You cannot select the subject from the green subject box on the left of the screen. 


You must click on the grey border/white box with ‘Subject’ written in it to see the subject drop-down list.


8. I do not see any sub-topics in Maths.

There are no sub-topics in Maths. You can see all the lessons under topics.


9. Nothing appears when I click on Literacy and Language in the subject dropdown

All literacy and language lessons are within English. 
You will find all lessons mapped to specific outcomes under English.


10. Sometimes it looks like there are no lessons for a particular topic

Not all topics are visible for all terms. 
If the lesson you are looking for is taught in term 3, you will not find it if you have selected term 1.


Ignore the term selection to see all lessons for that topic within the grade.


11. The lesson plan lists Zedupads, and resources I don’t have

Zedupad is a previous name for our learning content. Sometimes the lesson plan will refer to digital content which was part of a previous version, for example, storybooks. We are working to update this, but the lesson plan will include plenty of other ideas.